Malou Visuals
In collaboration with NordicWorkflow, Nordicsolutions developed and installed Malou Visuals RPA solutions, setup and ActiveCampaign e-mail automation flow. CRM and project management

We came up with a custom CRM solution focusing on Malou Visuals sales workflow. The custom solution was a lead generetion platform build to fit their customer lead journey, hereby the stages a lead goes through in order to become a customer of Malou Visuals. The solution included standart intelligent integrations within, you can read about intelligent integrations on our homepage at section "our technologies".

In regard of project management, a workflow was build within and streamlined through one interface. From the interface Malou Visual are able to control most of the project processes and deep dive into further processes if necessary. This was possible because we made connections internally throughout all workspaces in the organisation. All employees have their own customized interface that only showcases their part of the workflow but sends data across interfaces to those who need it when they need it.

The project management and CRM setup is powered by standart automations, you can read more about automations in the article "Robotic Process Automations using and Integromat" written by one of our own employees. The article can be found on the "BLOG" page.


An integration between and ActiveCampaign was made in order to transfer data, which also works a tricker to activate the ActiveCampaign e-mail automation flow. The integration was made through Integromat, you can read more about how we use Integromat and its functionalities in the article "Robotic Process Automations using and Integromat".

Once the trigger was created we were able to focus on building the custom e-mail automation flow.

Malou Visuals RPA solutions

The RPA solutions in this case concerns the pushing of data between systems and thereby automation of the dataflow. The solutions was build in Integromat and is on maintenance status today.