Deep Neural Networks
The Brain
Deep neural networks (DNN) is a subcategory of machine learning, where the learning ability is modeled after the human brain, and works by structuring learning in layers. In each layer, particular receptors put out a value depending on the data recognition. This goes on until one receptor in the last layer is triggered. This receptor represents the network's decision regarding what the original data represents. By feeding the network with huge amounts of data, the network gets smarter and more accurate.

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Deep Neural Network is a technique that gives machines an enhanced ability to find and amplify even the smallest patterns. It is called deep because it has many layers of computational nodes, which makes it possible to process a larger variety of data at once.


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Deep neural networks make it plausible to recognise patterns and enable software robots to make calculated decisions, based on experience. It basically acts like an experienced employee, except the experience is gained in hours or days instead of years. With DNN, you are able to draw conclusions from an extreme amount of data, at speeds no human will be able to match. While the network only gets better and better.


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At NordicSolutions we incorporate DNN into our solutions if the need is there. This is done by implementing and integrating third party solutions into ours. It takes an enormous amount of validated data to train a sufficient DNN brain, that is why we only use tested and proven DNN’s. Whereby ensuring you a solution with the utmost efficiency.

In special cases and on research/testing basis we use DNN as a part of our solutions.