Make the machines work for you
This service is created in regard to our clients that already have a complete Core-setup and only need help automating work tasks.

Low code and no-code automation

We use Low code and no-code automation software as a part of our solutions to increase efficiency and initiate a closer and more intense relationship with our clients. Low code and no-code automations makes it easier to showcase and build faster.

By the end of our service you should have a greater understanding of limitations and possibilities within the automation process of your workflow. Hopefully you would come to realise that there almost is not any limitations at all if the process is done right.

Software we use

We strive to understand every available low code and no-code software but do have our expertise areas. We are experts in using Integromat as an automating tool on digital workflow creation including integrations and app building.

Creating new apps and authentications

We specialize in building new apps and authentications including OAuth 1, OAuth 2, API key and Basic Auth in Integromat. When making new connections, we look at the SaaS system you want to integrate and check the API compatibility.

Automations we have done

Email automation

Leadgen automation (Contact forms)

Web Forms


Notifications regarding (Assignments, Call, Meeting, Deadline and much more)

Automate sales rapports

Automate marketing goals

Automate your most important KPIs and be ahead of the competition