NordicSolutions is the sister company of NordicWorkflow. NordicWorkflow is a consulting firm all about optimizing workflows, making them more efficient though digitalization among other, and this i where we come in. While NordicWorkflow handle that aspect of 'a more effecient workflow' we handle the tech.

At NordicSolutions we love tech, and we love helping others with tech. In some cases we suggests that customers should go through NordicWorflow before handeling their tech, so we do not miss any workflow perspective.

The ideal customer journey
The Idea is for the customers to get in straight contact with us if they have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and also have a strong knowledge on current processes, tech and how to get there. If customers are lacking in understanding and wish to have an analysis done we suggest contacting NordicWorkflow about thier SPINE analysis.

Once you are in as a customer of NordicSolutions, this could be one time assignments as getting the perfect CRM setup or a full Core System solution, we always suggests that you get RPA on Demand. With RPA on Demand you will be able to watch your processes develop by actively collaborating with our process engineers.

Our Dedicated Management

Adrian Nielson
CEO & Founder
Anders Lie
Bessie Cooper
CEO & Co-Founder
"NordicSolutions was born from the need to utilize data efficiently, this underlying principle guides all our decisions."
Adrian Nielson
CEO & Co-Founder