Intelligent Integration
The start for every business
An integration is made when two systems are able to talk to each other, an Intelligent integration is an integration that is created to fit the exact needs of the data flow. Meaning it will clean, manipulate and merge the data when calling a new system, thus allowing systems to talk with each other with intelligence.

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By using intelligent integrations, you are securing a high level of precision in your data flow when transferring data from one system to another automatically. It works as well as an employee, meaning that it only transfers relevant and important data. When using this technology, you are creating the best working environment, because you are eliminating the need to double-check the data that was transferred.


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Communication is everything. And by using intelligent integrations you will ensure that all relevant data is communicated throughout your entire company. All data will be valid and the same throughout. It eliminates, copy-paste errors, forgetfulness and tedious multiple registrations of the same data. Thereby freeing up time for employees, to focus on customers and their area of expertise.


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At NordicSolutions we specialise in integrating software both native and non-native. For non-native integrations, we use the software API’s to develop custom modules that will ensure the smooth transfer of your data, with a high level of intelligence, trying to mimic human tasks.

Intelligent Integrations are build within systems and across systems, and when we meet limitations or restrictions we use Integromat to build workarounds.