Lazzaweb is the most integrated customer of NordicWorkflow and we are handeling the tech solutions

The full solution

A customized SaaS system setup plus a system engine to run it all, that is the full solution. You can read everything you need to know about the three stages of the full solution on the NordicWorkflow homepage and/or in section "Our processes" on our homepage.

Prior to the tech solution Lazzaweb had an analysis done by NordicWorkflow, the analysis is called a SPINE analysis and it helps us maximise the impact and effectiveness the full solution has on a company.

Digitizing Lazzawebs workflow

The analysis gave us a deep understanding of Lazzawebs current workflow structure and desired workflow structure. We used the analysis to record a digital workflow structure of Lazzawebs processes. The scope was to streamline everything through one platform and creation of a operational organisation structure within the platform such that Lazzaweb would become fully digitized and suited for future automation and integrations.

The solution consist of following features:

  • Project management sales interface and CRM

A customized workframe within was build to suit Lazzawebs project management workflow and connected to customers and companies, in this degree Lazzaweb are able to have the full overview of all connection, which companies, customers and employees that belongs to which projects and have dashboards visualising the finasiels.

Lazzaweb was already using Pipedrive as their CRM system and we had to integrate and Pipedrive to create a dataflow that makes it possible to automate processes and connect live data.

  • Automation of finans

Integrations between Pipedrive, Reepay, E-conomics, Nets and more were made in order to automate the creation and sending of invoices plus the posting of associated notices and withdrawment of payments. A fully functional automated solution in which data can be monitored inside the interface.

In regard of automating the finansiel inflow we used Pleo to automate the process of posting and retrieval of documents associated with purchases. We then used Pento to optimize the influx of wages.

  • Automatic e-mail systems

To minimize or in some cases remove repetitive tasks entirely, we created e-mail flows within ActiveCampaign. All managed through via. integrations build between the two systems.

  • Systemized data retrieval

We designed several Typeform schemas with logically related questions that collect the necessary information for a project startup, which was integrated with ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive and Monday to centralize data and ensure that all departments receive the same data from the customer.

Current state

Lazzaweb is currently on one of our support plans and is actively using its benefits to have new features and add ons build within their systems.