Core Systems
Build a scalable system
Required for this service is a detailed analysis of your workflow, IT-stack, data validity and data efficiency, your current dataflow, current efficiency and productivity*

Work OS

If you choose our Core system service we will pick and set up a variety of SaaS systems hand-picked for your business workflow and streamline them through one platform, a Work OS.

At NordicSolutions we use as our Work OS and as the Work OS implemented in our solutions. We find that is the best Work OS when connecting SaaS systems and creating integrations, within we specialize in the setup of the following workspaces; Sales CRM, Project/Task Management systems and Dashboards. Add ons and/or features are custom made by us and tailored to fit your business workflow.

Workflow analysis / Process mining

We offer a workflow analysis that meets the requirements, which we call a SPINE analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to get to know your processes through process mining and interviews for us to digitize them in the best possible way. The SPINE analysis is provided by NordicWorkflow ApS, read more about the SPINE analysis process on

We also offer a full business solution that is executed as a process; SPINE, CORE and ENGINE, which you can read more about in the section “How we work” on the homepage.

Our clientele

We encourage you to book a meeting or call us with your request whether you are a startup, mature company or in between. We do custom deals depending on your request and the current digital maturity stage you are in.

* The requirements are just a precaution, if you can provide detailed information on your workflow then we should start the implementation process immediately.

Sales CRM

Email integration and view

Company data register


Notification regarding (Assignments, Call, Meeting, Deadline and much more)

Tailormade Sales pipeline

Product structure

Product inventory management

Rapports (Sale, Lost customers, Forecast, Q Goals m.m.)

Time tracking

Project/Task Management systems

Everything in one system

Quick Feedback/sharing from team members

A faster and more efficient approval process

Create Dashboards and Team overview of projects

Create Visual timelines for tasks/projects for more efficient planning and dealing with resources

Have the opportunity to ask questions for specific tasks/projects and tag persons/departments in the process

Paste Links, Documents, Videos, GIFS, Audio and much more in the specific tasks/projects to have a more simple overview

Visual Gantt timelines that are connected to projects and tasks within the Gantt structure

Measurement of effort and efficiency

Put Tags on tasks/projects to improve search quality.

Opportunity to integrate with email, customer support systems, Finance, HR and much more.

Import Data


Realtime data from marketing, sales, etc. Opportunity to connect to several platforms.

Get real-time insights, competitive analyses.

Identify items that require urgent action.

Streamlining workflows and properly purposing resources.