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Ticket system

You will get access to our ticket system platform where you will be able to write tickets about any automation wishes you may want. Adding files and videos is as easy and user-friendly as you think. You will get notified when we start redeeming a ticket and when a ticket is redeemed.

Critical Path

We take great pride in our fast response time and problem-solving mentality. We work using the Critical Path method, so you can be sure that your challenges are solved as quickly as possible. When writing a ticket you will get the option to categorize the ticket as in which priority it has. We always focus on the most critical tickets first.


You can book us to come on-site no matter where you need us! (this is an additional cost for Premium and Standard)

Enterprise has 24 hours on-site response time (Within country borders)

With a support agreement, you will get a 20% lower hourly rate when dealing with new services and ad-hoc tasks, beyond the scope of the support agreement.

Our support philosophy

At NordicSolutions we imagine your business as a formula 1 car and us being your pit crew. We are the best pit crew to maximize the effectiveness and create smooth transitions. You can safely trust us to strive for perfection each time so that your business always runs at a level your competitors could only dream of.